The Curriculum



Our love for the children, their families and one another is at the centre of everything we do, it’s a selfless, unconditional and active love that has it’s foundations in our deep commitment to your child’s education and wellbeing.  


we apply that

Here at Above and Beyond our passion for quality early childhood education is evident in all aspects of our centres. From our physical environment to our teaching we aim to go above and beyond in everything we do. To achieve this we deliver all aspects of the curriculum through the arts. From painting to sculptures, collage, wood, gardening and so much more. We love to bring in visitors too that help to broaden horizons, foster adventure and show the children just how much they can do.  

Our teaching focuses on offering children experiences; opportunities to be creative and expressive surrounded by support and encouragement. Our teachers work hard to ensure activities are focused on each child’s unique interests while also offering them chances to expand on what they already know.

We work closely with parents too, keeping them updated with our online learning stories. Together we foster creativity, teamwork, a passion for learning and a creative mind that will serve them well in the years to come.

In this increasingly knowledge saturated world simply knowing information is no longer enough and that’s why we seek to enable our children to think beyond that. Encouraging them to apply all of the information they have at their fingertips and enabling them to create unique solutions to new situations.


things we do

We love to run outside and build sunshades, grow berries and veggies, dig and dance, swing and slide. But we also love to huddle around a good story, build forts out of blocks, have tea parties, be doctors and musicians, artists and engineers, mermaids and  superheroes. Every day is a mixture of structured activities and self determined play time where children are the masters of their own destiny, and indeed their own worlds. Kings of pillow kingdoms, performers to adoring fans, writers and readers, leaders and thinkers.

Our team go above and beyond everyday so your children get the best possible start in education and the longest, funnest childhood imaginable.



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