Confluence for Regional Managers of UsoCorp

April 5th, 2012 Cicadas Lobby, Township Dormitory Essence First Sentence: девять a.m. Conducted the Encounter: Gerald Jopkins Accompanied the Confluence: Reese Cartonful Encephalon Ample Vern Godfield Nicholas Lockhouse Approving of Former Transactions Larry Sogen from hq examined the old transactions, determination no errors in the textbook. The regional managers that were represent at this confluence […]

Tauriko – No Enrolment Fee Promotion

We would like to welcome you to our newest Above and Beyond Education and Care Centre – Tauriko.  Still under construction this inspirational environment will excite and delight young minds as a real life fantasy comes to life in the form of our brand new child care centre.  With 4 unique spaces available for children [...]

Voucher Standard Terms and Conditions

These are standard Above and Beyond terms and conditions.  If applicable to a voucher, please refer to voucher for expiry date as all vouchers are valid for a limited time only. All offers are subject to availbility as spaces are limited.  Your child may have to be placed on a wait list in order to […]

Te Puna Daily Focused Learning

Above and Beyond Te Puna With the ongoing traffic problems in our neck of the woods we would like to help so you stop getting stuck in all the congestion.   This means we have shifted our extended program time for all 3-5 year olds to a time that will help you to avoid the rush. [...]