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At Above and Beyond Education and Care Centres, situated in five amazing Bay of Plenty locations, runs an arts based program, where all areas of the curriculum are taught through the arts. In a world where knowledge is accessible at our fingertips, it is no longer only about gaining knowledge, it is how we use it that matters.

Teaching through the arts means children gain skills to think creatively and use it to think outside the box. We will enrich the program by exposing the children to a wide range of arts and art experiences.

Our resources have been developed to include the “expected” art resources (paints, paper, crayons etc) but have been extended to enhance the performing arts.

Guests are invited in to broaden the children’s creative experience- musicians, dancers, potters, weavers, sculptors etc.

The outdoor environment contains many elements of the indoors to carry the creative opportunities outside. We have outdoor art easels, a musical garden and a stage. Moveable objects provide the children with the opportunity to create and recreate in their outdoor play.



We are a family of love and compassion, of kindness and respect, of adventure and imagination, of creativity and exploration. A selfless, unconditional love for all of our staff, children and their families. Framed by love, everything we do is different, uniquely focused on each individual child and what they need to succeed. As our name would suggest, we always work to exceed expectations. For parent’s that means we:

  • Maintain teacher-to-child ratios higher than ministry requirements.
  • Provide regular updates to parents through Educa.
  • Surround your child with love in a home-like, family environment. 

“We believe children should be immersed in love and that childhood is a time for fun and exploration”



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Colleen is the Owner/Operator of Above and Beyond Education & Care Centres. She has over 30 years of experience in education. Colleen has a heart for all aspects of early childhood and is dedicated to the children at every centre. Colleen and her husband Bob have 11 grandchildren and a real passion for family that extends far beyond their own.

Caleb SQ


“We are innovative and embrace and drive change, never satisfied with the status quo. And because integrity is who we are – we do the right thing ALWAYS”  – Above and Beyond.
This value statement is what drives Caleb in his role of  Chief Operations Officer as he oversees the day to day operations of the business that our team, families and children are proud to be apart of.

karen 2 july 2019


Karen is our number cruncher and spends her days keeping us on track. She comes with a vast range of knowledge and experience and keeps the office full of laughter and fun.  ‘I do numbers not words’  – Karen

megan o july 2019


Megan is our administrator extraordinaire, bringing her insane administration skills to the all our centres. She is probably the first voice you will hear when contacting the centre and has a distinctive American accent. Her skills enable the rest of the team to do their job well, knowing that the admin and internal systems are in very capable hands.



Dawn continually goes the extra mile as she works closely with new families to ensure that the transition into Above and Beyond runs smoothly. She is as efficient as they come and while ensuring that boxes are ticked, i’s dotted and t’s crossed, people will always remain her first priority.